Terms, Conditions and Guide to using the Lama Electronics website

Dear user, please carefully consider the following for the best use of the services and products.

the rules

1. Note that all principles and laws are in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the law of e-commerce, and subsequently the user is also bound to observe user-related rules.

2. All users should use the proper words for their username when registering on the site. If you see inappropriate words, the user’s account will be deleted at the earliest opportunity.

3. The Lama Electronic website will not share users’ information with any other collection, and competent authorities will only be able to use this information if they are in the law.

4. The information available on the users is completely personal to the website. Therefore, in order to protect the privacy of personal information, the user must make a commitment not to attempt to hack any information contained on the site and to have any affiliates or partners with any natural or legal persons in this. Do not have to. In addition, the user undertakes to notify any information regarding hacking information by the person or other organization as soon as possible on the Electronic Lama website.
5. Services and content produced and supplied by Lama Electronics are for the sole use of this website. Any misuse of information will be prosecuted from Lama Electronics’s website and no individual or legal person is allowed to abuse the content of this website and the use of the content is possible only by subscription to the site.

6. Use of any crawler or similar tool to automatically browse or copy pages and site information.

7- To follow up or question about the order or use of after-sales service with Customer Lama Electronics (telephone numbers 09380616921 or 35413925-051), contact us via the form “Contact us” form by selecting the subject of order tracking or services after Sell your question or request.

8. To send your other requests or suggestions, use the form “Contact Us” form or send an email to info@lama-electronic.com.ir.

complaints forme

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